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High Resolution Platforms PL.62.HRP.H

Intended use:

HRP, the series of professional high resolution weighing platforms, perfectly suit every single branch of industry requiring great weighing accuracy, precision and repeatability of measurement in challenging industrial environment. The HRP series is your perfect workmate. Automatic adjustment performed by means of an internal adjustment weight guarantees the highest quality of operation and repeatability of the measurement. In comparison to the manual adjustment process, the automatic one is both, time-saving and convenient. Data safety and archiving are assured by software dedicated to RADWAG terminals. Light HRP high resolution weighing platform is equipped with the following interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet.


  1. Brand new construction of the electromagnetic mechanism housed in a stainless steel tight casing,

  2. Protection against overloading,

  3. Inbuilt system of adjustment, by means of an internal weight,

  4. High ingress protection – IP67,

  5. Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet,

  6. Cooperation with PUE 7.1 and HY10 terminals.

For a surcharge, it is possible to order the HRP platform in an Ex version. In order to enable operation of the device in the hazardous area, it is necessary to connect it to the PUE HX5.EX indicator.

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