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Intercomp Introduces Billet Aluminum Scale Pad Leveler

Intercomp Company (United States) – Intercomp is proud to announce a new 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Scale Pad Leveler to its line of racing equipment. The leveler provides an ultra-low deflection foundation for any 15 in by 15 in (381 mm by 381 mm) racing scale pad and was introduced at the most recent Performance Racing Industry Show. It is currently available through your preferred Intercomp dealer.

The construction of the new leveler utilizes a similar design to Intercomp’s Billet Leveler with Roll-Off Pad, a popular leveler among many top-level race teams due to its structural rigidity. The new billet aluminum leveler features four adjustable feet with two inches of vertical movement at each corner, allowing for use at the shop or the track. The 15.5 in by 15.5 in (381 mm by 381 mm) outer dimensions of each leveler consume less space than those with a roll-off pad, allowing easy transport to and from the track.

Sold in sets of four, these billet levelers can accommodate any scale pad taller than 2.5 in (64 mm). While performance benefits are possible using any 15 in by 15 in scale pads in the levelers, pairing the Billet Aluminum Scale Pad Leveler with Intercomp’s Microflex™ System is the pinnacle of ultra-low deflection scale systems. The four-load cell scale pad, placed inside the rigid leveler, can produce accurate, repeatable corner balancing results for even the most specialized, purpose-build racecars.

Intercomp’s Billet Aluminum Scale Pad Levelers are also ideal when utilizing hub stands without an integrated scale system. The low-deflection design greatly reduces the opportunity for accuracy-robbing deflection caused by point loading of a scale pad. The result is repeatable weight measurements that can simplify the eternal search for the ultimate chassis setup.

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