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Intercomp Truck Scales Using Weigh-In-Motion Technology

Get a deeper understanding of how Intercomp’s Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Truck Scales can help your customers add to the bottom line of their business. Tune in to learn the basics of WIM technology, then see how Intercomp has a product to fill almost any need from an end-user.

Unlike full-length truck scales, Intercomp WIM scale systems take up a fraction of the footprint once installed. These systems also feature a lower initial investment due to compact hardware designs and fewer installation materials.

Additional Benefits:

  1. Lower Lifetime Cost Due to Reduced Maintenance Needs

  2. Less Invasive Install Reduces Downtime Compared to Other Truck Scales

  3. Promotes Efficiency by Providing Under- and Over-Load Monitoring

  4. Helps Eliminate Costly Citations from Overweight Commercial Trucks

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