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Itemised Waste Management – Weightron Bilanciai

The Benefits of Itemised Waste Management

Fortunately, the days when businesses threw all their waste into one big skip and had it taken down to the tip are long gone. Now the days are also numbered for companies with poor recycling habits who take advantage of others who manage their waste more efficiently in the same operating environment.

We have been leading the way in intelligent waste management ever since we introduced Weightron Waste Management solutions over a decade ago. Now, our new itemised waste management (iWM) system is bringing exciting benefits for those managing the waste in both industrial settings such as factories and also premises with multiple tenants, including office blocks, shopping centres, hospitals, transportation hubs and much more.

Reduce and Control Waste

Previously, multiple tenants on one site would share waste containers, with collection and recycling charges usually being shared equally. iWM allows the waste created by individual tenants to be accurately measured, with each user being charged accordingly. That not only leads to a fairer system, it also encourages those tenants creating the most waste to manage theirs more efficiently, while rewarding those who create the least waste or recycle more effectively.

More Efficient Recycling

Anything we can do to divert more waste material away from landfill and into recycling can only be a good thing. iWM identifies those who are not managing their waste responsibly, for instance by commingling waste to make recycling more difficult. And because iWM is suitable for monitoring and measuring such a wide range of materials, from standard recyclables such as paper, plastics and glass to more complex materials such as medical and hazardous waste, it ensures more waste is recycled responsibly and more effectively.

Cost Savings

It’s impossible to manage waste effectively if you don’t know how much you’re producing and from which part of an operation it’s been generated. Measuring these different streams allows organisations to control and minimise waste production Therefore in addition to the reduced cost benefits the iWM bring, those installing and running the system can also organise their workflow more efficiently. Knowing exactly how much waste of a particular product a bin contains ensures they can schedule collections in a far more efficient way.

Streamlined Processes

The simple, user-friendly operating system cuts down on administrative tasks, allowing the whole waste management process to become more efficient and less time consuming for the user. Its touchscreen operation and integrated weigh scale makes it simple to use. It integrates smoothly with commonly used management software systems such as Sage and SAP, whilst mobile apps for scanning and tracking bins across different sites make it convenient to use on the move.

Helps meet Legal and ISO 14001 Requirements

Businesses creating certain kinds of waste have legal requirements to demonstrate its lawful disposal. In addition, ISO 14001 certification requires organisations to provide documented evidence that they have robust environmental processes and that all personnel are working towards tangible and feasible environmental goals. iWM effortlessly creates the necessary evidence for such requirements.

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