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Jack Weigh AC100™ Kit

Jack Weigh Kit Description

Intercomp Jack Weigh AC100™ Kits are available in a variety of configurations and can weigh anything from helicopters to commercial or military aircraft and wide-body aircraft. They are compact, easily transportable and come standard with an AC100™ CPU. Intercomp’s Jack Weigh AC100™ Kits feature RFX® Wireless Weighing Technology to communicate with Intercomp’s AC100™ CPU, which controls functions and offers a variety of display options.

All Intercomp top of jack weighing kits use digital output load cells (DOLC’s). With DOLC’s the analog to digital conversion is performed at the load cell making it an independently operating scale. Load cells and Indicators are completely interchangeable and if a cell, radio, cable or CPU requires maintenance, simply replace it with a spare – no need to re-calibrate or configure an entirely new kit.


  1. Accuracy of ±0.1% of Reading

  2. 5,000 lb (2,500 kg) to 100,000 lb (50,000 kg) Capacities

  3. Low-Profile Design Allows for Fit in Nearly Any Jack to Jack Point Envelope

  4. Interchangeable Adapters to Weigh All Types of Aircraft

  5. Includes AC100™ CPU

  6. Single Person Portable Case and Kit

  7. Standard D-Cell Batteries Last up to 40 Hours

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