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Kistler holds its own in 2019 despite a difficult market

The flagging market environment in the automotive sector, especially in China, also impacted the Kistler Group’s sales figures in 2019. Sales totaled 466 million Swiss francs (CHF) last year, equivalent to a year-on-year downturn of 2.1 percent. Nevertheless, the company is in a stronger position as it moves forward into the new year: thanks to strategic investments in facilities and future technologies, Kistler is well on course for the current financial year. 

“Even though economic conditions fell short of our expectations in 2019 and we had to post our first sales downturn in ten years, we are looking positively to the future. We have already overcome quite a few crises in our 60-year history, and we shall do the same again this time,” CEO Rolf Sonderegger comments.

We are moving ahead in areas such as electromobility and Industry 4.0 that hold out excellent prospects for the future, and we expect sales to grow again in 2020.”

CEO Rolf Sonderegger

Regardless of overall economic conditions, Kistler made substantial investments in its own facilities during 2019. Additional capacities were created at the company’s headquarters in Winterthur and also at Heidelberg and Meerane, two of its sites in Germany. These investments pave the way for continuing development work on future trends and technologies. Kistler has also added more skills to its portfolio in recent years by acquiring three companies: AMS, SMETEC, and Vester. These entities have now been fully integrated into the Kistler Group and as from 2020, they form part of the united front that Kistler presents to the world under its common brand. The Kistler Group currently has about 2,200 employees spread across the globe.

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