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Load Cell Tester model LCT-Ultimate

This most advanced Load Cell Tester model LCT-Ultimate is a stand-alone hand-held device that was especially designed for full trouble shooting of strain-gage based load cells. The LCT-Ultimate can check all common types of standard load cells that are available on the market:

4 or 6 wires @ all rated gain outputs.

The LCT-Ultimate provides the user with all essential data needed about the tested load-cell:

  1. Bridge resistance and integrity

  2. Physical distortion (possibly caused by overload, shock, load or metal fatigue)

  3. Checks insulation resistance (can point to moisture or chemical ingress)

Main Features

  1. Fast testing of load cells and scales

  2. Can be used to check multi load-cell scale alignment.

  3. Continuous signal reading allows for checking linearity and repeatability

  4. Very user friendly, full test within 5 seconds


  1. Input and Output resistance: up to 5000 ohm at 0.5 ohm resolution

  2. Sense resistance (for 6 wire L/C): up to 500 ohm at 0.1 ohm resolution

  3. Insulation resistance: Max:> 5000 Mohm and Minimum: <10 Mohm

  4. Load cell output in percentage of full scale: ± 250% at 0.01% resolution (input load > 50?)

  5. Gain adjustment: 0.1 – 5 mv/V steps of 0.01

Hardware and Accuracy

  1. Bridge testing: 1.25 Vdc

  2. High resistance testing: 10 Vdc

  3. A/D resolution: 16bit

  4. Resistance accuracy: ± 1 ohm

  5. High-resistance accuracy: 10%

  6. Load Cell output accuracy: 0.1%


  1. Power source: 4 AA batteries (not supplied)

  2. Connector: 8 pin screw terminal (supplied with the unit).

  3. Enclosure material: ABS

  4. Display: 16×2 alphanumeric

  5. Size: 150mm x 80mm x 28mm

  6. Weight: 250gr.

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