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Load Cell Checks With the help of an accurate digital Multimeter and a Megohmmeter, the following information will assist in carrying out primary load cell system checks, either prior to proceeding with calibration of the load cells and instrumentation, or to determine the general health of a weighing system. We hope you find this fault finding guide useful. However, if you need further assistance please Contact Us online or telephone us (+44 118 941 1387) for more information. Mechanical Checks Check the physical installation of the cells onto the application and any other connections or structures attached to it, prior to system calibration. Any component causing unexpected resistance to free downward movement of the cells and the structure under loading will induce accuracy errors to the display reading and to any calibration process. Inspect the physical condition of each cell and its mounting. Look for visible signs of overloading, such as deformation, bending or cracks. Any components found in this condition are not recoverable and must be replaced. Electrical Checks Determine if the load cells are performing correctly by measuring the output mV reading from the load cells and compare it to what would be expected for a given load, supply voltage and load cell mV/V. The first test would be to measure the sum (combined value) of the load cell outputs, at the junction box and at the input to the instrumentation.

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