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Measure Moisture Content in Food – METTLER TOLEDO

Guidance on How to Measure the Moisture Content in Food Using an Infrared Moisture Analyzer

Moisture analysis plays a vital role in all areas of the food industry, from goods-in inspection, through quality control, production and storage, to the development of new products. In nearly all cases, the prepared ingredients have optimum moisture content, providing the best possible taste, consistency, appearance and shelf life.

How can I measure the moisture content in food?

  1. The standard procedure is typically loss on drying using the drying oven. As this is a time-consuming procedure, the halogen moisture analyzer is often used as a fast, precise and reliable instrument to measure the moisture content in food.

How do the results of the moisture analyzer compare to the drying oven?

  1. It’s important to develop a moisture content determination method that will give you the same moisture content result as the official drying oven method. METTLER TOLEDO has developed methods for a variety of samples from the food industry. Using these methods, you’ll get results that match the results of the official method.

With decades of experience in laboratory weighing and halogen moisture analysis in food products, METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide range of know-how and tools. Make the most of our expertise to enhance your food moisture analysis. Learn more about our wide range of Moisture Analyzerssuitable for your industry.

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