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The intention of this technical note is to help on the identification of some common critical points in the interaction of the tank / hopper / silo / reactor with external mechanical connecting elements, from a weighing point of view, such as:  Inlet and outlet product pipes  The security features against horizontal, vertical and non‐rotating movements  Bending effects of beams and legs As well as provide examples of generic solutions to these problems. We know are not the only existent, nor are they to be optimal, however they may serve as guidance for your best solution in each case. The first target to consider when performing an external mechanical connection in a weighing system, is to allow a free vertical movement in the weighing area, without any tension or friction. For our convenience we use the word “tank” as a generic of tank/silo/hopper/reactor, etcetera. (any vessel where we introduce product). Inlet and outlet product pipes For weighing well, a tank must be free of any tension produced by the inlet and outlet product pipes. When we apply load, the tank and the structures has a small movement of a few millimeters, probably undetectable at first sight, but they must be left free, to this natural movement.

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