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Modular Truck Weigh-PCM M1500E Bridge


Our PCM M1500e bridge tipper marks the beginning of a new generation of Marques truck weights. It is the evolved version of the award-winning PCM M1500. It is proof that innovation continues to be part of our DNA.

Like all our bridge scales, it is distinguished for being at the forefront of weighing and being a pioneer in implementing the great advances in engineering and technology. It is far from being a truckload like everyone else.

Our metal PCM M1500e tipper has a rigid and intelligent structure, and technical profiles specially developed for this model, which add greater stability and resistance. With the best quality plate, the new profiles of this bridge tipper are defined with laser technology and fully produced in the most modern robotic welding section of our metalworking unit.

Modular and easy to transport and install, this is a truck weighing machine that adapts to your needs. The M1500e PCM is fully configurable in versions ranging from 4 to 12 load cells and allows the configuration of platforms up to 30 meters in length. With a weighing capacity of up to 80 tons, it is a weighbridge designed to withstand the highest efforts and to withstand the most demanding situations, being even prepared to weigh mega-trucks.

Due to its characteristics and quality, this Marques truck weighbridge is therefore synonymous with a total guarantee of performance, precision, safety and durability.



Our metal PCM M1500e bridge tipper has a modular structure that speeds up the installation process in any location.

Robust, each module of this truck weighs easily into the other, without the need for even a large number of screws. Purchasing a PCM M1500e tipper thus ensures a quality structure with reduced assembly time.



Depending on the length you need for your bridge tipper, the PCM M1500e can have 4 to 12 cells. With special protection against electrical discharges and a 2-year warranty, the load cells of this tipper are already installed, centred and blocked for transport and assembly of the truck weighs in the cross beams.

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