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Multi-Million Investment into New Food Manufacturing Facility in Redcar

A new £2 million investment by the Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority has been announced that will result in the creation of a new food grade manufacturing facility in the area, with dozens of positions for local people.

The funds will be used to support and propel the UK National Food Strategy, which aims to develop alternative proteins and nutrients in order to promote the growth of new and improved food components.

CPI will create world-class bio-manufacturing laboratories to food grade standards that will support research into contemporary consumer appetites for food and sustainability as well as environmental and animal welfare concerns, which are driving emerging trends in food, feed, and market segments.

The new facilities in Redcar are expected to generate £4.2 million in revenue for the region over the next five years by enticing new firms to settle there.

The Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen, says a million pounds of funding for something so innovative and game-changing is a milestone.

Kris Wadrop, the general manager at CPI, said that as a result of these new facilities, CPI would help several firms in the United Kingdom and overseas to make true improvements to the food system’s environmental footprint.

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