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Nano mass comparator

RADWAG has just presented the NANO.AK-4/500 mass comparator of the latest generation. This device enables calibration of mass standards with unprecedented readability of [d]: 10 ng.  With this comparator, calibration laboratories can obtain even more precise measurements and compare micro-mass standards as small as 50µg!

This is undoubtedly a breakthrough in mass standard calibration.

Features of the new NANO.AK-4/500 mass comparator:

  1. second to none readability of 10 ng

  2. the lowest sd value of 0.04µg

  3. excellent measurement repeatability

  4. comparison of micro-mass standards with the lowest uncertainty

  5. compact design – fits on a standard anti-vibration table thus saving space in the laboratory

  6. full compensation range

  7. ambient conditions module

  8. automatic calibration

  9. calibration of mass standards much smaller than those described in the OIML (from 50µg to 500mg)

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