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New Anyload Remote Display

The 808AH Remote Display is compatible with similar products from prominent truck scale manufacturers. Here are some of the distinct advantages and benefits for customers of the Anyload 808AH Remote Display over some others:

  1. All mounting hardware for both wall or pole options is included.

  2. The Anyload 808AH remote displays are designed locally, thus assuring availability for customer and engineering support from our main office in Vancouver, BC.

  3. All settings and/or set up configurations can be made from outside the display from the panel buttons underneath. (no need to open the cabinet after initial install!)

  4. The “Auto-Learn” feature automatically establishes the speed/baud rate of communication, from the wide available range of 300 to 57600 baud rate options.

  5. As in most heavy capacity applications, neither a decimal or comma is typically used to separate a thousand parts or higher, yet we offer the options to use either the decimal or comma, or nothing at all, as the customer’s preference choice.

  6. The enhanced brightness comes from the specific LED’s we selected for this Remote Display, thus providing superior and clear parallax viewing.

  7. The Anyload model 808AH Remote Display is a durable, cost effective solution, with the assurance of NEMA 4 protection.

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