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New Generation of Wireless Scale Indicators-TS30™ CPU

Minneapolis – Intercomp, the world’s largest manufacturer of portable vehicle weighing and measurement products, introduces the TS30™ CPU, an advanced touchscreen indicator for self-contained operation of portable scales. The touchscreen display and intuitive graphic user interface of the rugged, standalone wireless indicator and control unit allows truck scale operators to create tickets and weighing records remotely. The innovation provides the ability to efficiently run monitoring programs for applications like weight compliance, inventory tracking, and safety screening.

Intercomp’s TS30™ CPU provides the ability to collect, display, and save individual wheel, axle, gross, Tare, and NET weights by communicating with scale pads via RFX® Wireless Weighing, on a single screen in real time. Customizable data fields, such as user session information for scale operation on a particular day, and/or location and vehicle-specific information can also be associated with saved records and included on tickets from the integrated printer. Additional customization options, specifically tailored for unique data needs, can also be added via USB.

The backlit, color touchscreen indicator makes operation easier and more productive with most weighing options displayed on a single screen, and can display axle spacing in Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) mode. Control and operating functions are integrated into a self-contained, portable case with field-proven RFX® wireless technology, allowing a single operator to perform WIM or static weighing operations. The intuitive nature of the indicator also reduces training needs, making it accessible to more employees.

RFX® wireless technology in the TS30™ allows communication with up to 12 scales with line-of-sight connectivity up to 300 ft (90 m) via cable-free remote connection. The CPU offers capacity for more than 2 million weight records, while data can also be exported via USB or Ethernet. Electronics and a thermal printer are integrated into a rugged, weather-resistant case and is powered by a rechargeable battery that keeps the CPU running continuously for more than 12 hours.

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