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On-Board Weighing- KantaKing

Weighing system for wheel/front loaders and telescopic to weigh the material during the load in dynamic mode with accumulation management. Measuring the oil pressure in the lift cylinder is possible to understand the weight in the tool (bucket, hook, grab). The system is designed to operate in tough environments. Production data can be printed on our printer or stored on the memory card and then transfer and manage easily from your PC in the office through the system.

FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES • Easy and cheap solution with the best technology • Works ON EVERY VEHICLE • Strong and waterproof for difficult environmental conditions or to be used also in vehicles without cab • Useful and easy keyboard • Comes with printer port to connect plug & play our printer where a ticket is requested • Automatic load accumulation up to 256 weighing for a total of 999 tons • Live weight reading • Edit of components name, customers and operators • Automatic motor revolution compensation • Overload logging and overload warning • An easy and immediate calibration set • Fine calibration to obtain the best from your system • LCD Display with backlight for easy reading • Multiple info is shown on the LCD display • Up to 10 data sets for easy selection of your attachment • Double pressure transducer for a high accuracy • Dynamic mode to have weighing without interfering with the operator’s work. • Save time and reduce costs avoiding the operator to drive from the load area to the weighbridge (in truck loading).

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