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On-Board Weighing-PKM

These systems feature a remote display that helps in situations where weight needs to be displayed live outside the cab. When loading a truck, you have a real-time understanding of how much weight you are unloading on the truck. When loading bags from a hopper or conveyor, unloading can be remotely stopped at the desired weight. With a Millennium5 equipped ADT truck, the Remote Display shows the real-time weight of the loader, which can then achieve better loading up to full capacity.

Connectivity is a plus available with VEI. Take advantage of controlling your sales and production data wherever you are on your tablet, smartphone or PC.


With the indicator that can be adapted to the machines that are handled in the concrete industry, PKM Industrial has to offer you shipping printing systems, sales and production reports. High-speed thermal printing. The printer can be positioned under the device to make an integrated unit, the most compact on the market, easy to install and operate directly under the scale without having to move away from it.

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