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Pit Mounted Euro deck Concrete Weighbridge

Weightron’s pit-mounted Euro deck Concrete Weighbridge is ideal for a wide range of vehicle weighing applications, providing a robust, maintenance-free, weighing deck.

This pour-on-site 0weighbridge features a light, yet strong, steel deck framework (complete with reinforcing) used to retain the ready-mixed concrete.

The steel frame is installed on-site with dummy load cells and then in-filled with ready-mixed concrete. When this has cured, the stainless steel fully weld-sealed CPD digital or CPR analogue load cells are fitted and the system calibrated. The non-slip finish provides an excellent chemical and skid-resistant surface.

This design of weighbridge is ideal for installations where there is restricted crane access. Key features include:

  1. Low profile design – only 400 mm high

  2. Non-standard widths & lengths in capacities up to 80 t

  3. Metric and imperial sizes available

  4. Can be fitted with CPD digital or CPR analogue stainless steel load cells

  5. Wide range of instrumentation and software

  6. Lightweight subframe structure for ease of transportation and installation

  7. Pour on-site concrete

  8. Ideal for harsh environments

  9. Driver-operated versions

  10. Low-maintenance deck

  11. Dynamic low-speed axle weighing the option

  12. ATEX certified version for hazardous areas

  13. Wide range of weighbridge peripherals

Meeting the strict IP69K sealing standards, our compact CPD and CPR weighbridge load cells and proprietary mounting hardware ensure superior reliability. Further to this, they have built-in lightning protection and can be fitted with rodent proof cables. The combination of all of these components enables your weighbridge to fulfil its duty of accurate weighing day after day.

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