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Recipe & Portion Control Scales

Weightron is an experienced provider of weighing systems for the food and processing industry. Our research and development teams have developed a range of hardware and software technologies to meet the exacting requirements of the UK food industry. We provide dedicated solutions for:

  1. Recipe Management

  2. Portion Control (Check weighing and take-away)

  3. Average Weight Control (e-weighing)

These integrated products are designed to reduce human error and increase efficiency in manual weighing processes, whilst providing detailed QA and productivity records.

One size doesn’t fit all

We understand that no two applications are the same. As a result, each and every food weighing system designed and commissioned by us consists of purpose-built hardware and application-specific software.


The main design criteria for our hardware are hygiene, convenience and reliability, ensuring our equipment is easy to clean, easy to use, with guaranteed performance. Key features include:

  1. Robust stainless steel framework designs with adjustable feet

  2. Stainless steel load cells

  3. Standalone or integrated production line formats

  4. Wide range of intuitive/easy-to-use touch-screen weight terminals

  5. USB, Ethernet and WiFi interfaces for convenient data transfer

  6. IP69K sealing for full wash-down capability

  7. OIML legal-for-trade approval


Our food manufacturing software takes the element of doubt and risk out of critical food manufacturing processes involving manual weighing operations.

Recipe formulation

  1. Easy to programme full recipes and processes

  2. Screen driven prompts guiding operator

  3. Full colour screen

  4. Under/Target/Over tolerance indication via traffic light system

  5. Comprehensive capture of management information, made available for audit trail and improved efficiencies

  6. Integration with ERP and MRP systems

Average Weight

  1. Fast and accurate results for statistical control

  2. Compliant with Average Weight Legislation

  3. Graphical display of batch averages

  4. Full statistical management report

Portion Control

  1. Fast and efficient portion control

  2. Significant reduction in give-away – rapid ROI

  3. Simple to use for operator supervisor and management

  4. Full colour screen

  5. Under/Target/Over tolerance indication via traffic light system

  6. Product/Batch reporting

  7. Data memory and recall

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