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Rolling Column Scales

Cardina/Detecto’s 5852F/8852F series portable digital scales are adaptable for versatile use in receiving departments, inventory management, commercial foodservice, in-plant weighing, material handling, bag filling, and general weighing applications. The rolling scales have a column-mounted weight indicator for quick-and-easy digital readouts. The legal-for trade floor scales are lightweight and easy to maneuver with their four large rubolene wheels. Switch easily between pounds and kilograms readouts. These 5852F/8852F series scales provide cost-effective digital solutions for commercial utility scale applications. Enjoy digital speed and precision with your choice of weight indicators to suit your specific application’s needs. Bring your scale to the job instead of your job to the scale.

The scales’ weight indicators come with either 1-inch-high backlit LCD or 0.6-inch-high red LED, depending on the model selected. The stainless steel indicator mounting bracket lets you adjust the angle of the weight indicator where it’s easiest to read. Some models offer ticket printing capabilities when connected to a printer and others offer checkweighing mode. The -185B and -190 models have battery options for complete portability. The -185B models can be powered by six standard, off-the-shelf AA Alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cad or NiMH batteries. The -210 models have a full alphanumeric keypad allowing manual input of tare weights and IDs.

The column-mounted indicator allows plenty of room to see the weight display over items on the scale platform. Select from your choice of four different Cardinal Scale digital weight indicators, depending on your application. Guide handles are included for steering the platform scale during transport. It’s easy to maneuver, even in tight places. The integrated bubble level helps you find the most level surface to provide accurate weighing. The 5 in/13 cm diameter x 2 in/5 cm depth rubolene wheels carry a 550-lb load rating per wheel. Easily roll the 5852F/8852F scale wherever it’s needed in your facility. Bring your scale to the location it’s needed! These scales are ideal for farmers markets, agriculture, inventory, warehousing, and general weighing.

  1. 2 capacities and 4 different weight indicators available

  2. Constructed entirely of heavy-duty welded steel

  3. Electrostatic powder paint coating for long life

  4. 19 in W x 28 in D / 48 cm W x 71 cm D platform

  5. Battery power available on some models

  6. 8 different models available to choose from

  7. NTEP and Measurement Canada certified (model 8852F is not Measurement Canada approved)

  8. 5 in / 13 cm diameter rubolene wheels for maneuverability

  9. Units switching from metric to avoirdupois (lb)

  10. Use in receiving, agriculture, warehousing, or general industrial weighing

  11. Also available in 854F series weighbeam models for intrinsically-safe applications

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