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Multipurpose Low Profile Shipping Scale.

Utility and economy come together in the ES Series of all-purpose shipping scales. The low profile design of the ES Series scales makes them perfect for shipping, receiving, and general weighing applications


  1. With different size low-profile platforms, there are ES scales that can accommodate weighing loads of different shapes and sizes.

  2. The three-way mounting bracket allows you to mount the indicator to the scale base, above the scale platform, or on any vertical surface for maximum flexibility.

  3. The sturdy and durable ES has a stainless steel platform and painted steel frame.

Display- Liquid crystal display (LCD)

Operation- AC adapter (included) or 6 AA batteries (not included)

Communication- N/A

Construction- ABS indicator, stainless steel platform, painted steel frame, 3 way mounting bracket

Design Features- Auto-zero tracking, auto shut-off

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