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Static Weighing / Low Capacity- Weight controllers

Checkweighers are designed to add efficiency to food manufacturing, sorting and processing applications. Product weight is verified within a preset target or range. PKM Industrial offers checkweighers for many applications, environments and processes in all types of industry.

Technical specifications:

Upper and lower checkweigher «CW-90»

The CW-90 verifies the equipment of choice for operators, quality control and maintenance departments for its ease of use, real-time data collection and its stainless steel construction makes it a scale resistant to any type of hostility that is present in the industrial process.

Upper and lower checkweigher «CW-90X Checkweigher»

Rice Lake’s CW-90X Checkweigher has the ability to control top and bottom wash for heavy industrial environments which are also HACCP compliant. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) (4 photos demonstrating the durability of the controller exposed under harsh industrial and operator environments.)

IQ plus 2100SL Digital Bench Scale:

The IQ plus 2100SL digital bench scale is a durable and economical checkweigher, enhanced with a four-point spring plate suspension to minimize damage from shock and overload. (2 product sample photos showing how the product can be adapted to the operator’s needs.)

DIGI DSX-1000 High Precision Checkweigher:

The DIGI DSX-1000 is a low cost, high precision checkweigher that is compliant with OIML standards. The DIGI DSX-1000 offers quick response to weight changes and has a splash-proof housing.

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