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The OFL Troubleshooting for weighing transmitter GMT-P1

In this article, we are going to share the weighing indicator OFL troubleshooting method.

Four main Causes for OFL:

1. Calibration error

2. Load cell install or wiring error

3. Overload or signal output below the zero point

4. Load cell or weighing indicator AD failure

Demonstrate Equipment: 

1. GMT-P1 weighing transmitter

2. A weighing platform and One 100g weight

3. A Multimeter

Step 1,

First, we consider calibration error resulting in OFL, so we need to recalibrate the indicator. Enter the menu options, open the calibration menu, skip the previous decimal point, the division value, the range settings, to reach the load cell’s current millivolt number display interface. If it shows the correct millivolt data, we enter the zero calibration menu, empty the weighing platform. Then, setting the gain calibration, place the weight on the weighing platform, and enter the right weight. The calibration is complete. We can move back to the menu interface to see if it has the proper weight display.

Step 2,

Suppose the load cell’s current millivolt does not display properly. We can remove the load cell wiring from the GMT-P1’s terminals and use our multimeter to test the voltage between EX+,EX-. If the voltage cannot be measured, the AD part of the indicator has been damaged. If the voltage can be detected, move to step 3.

Step 3,

Remove the SIG+ and SIG- ends from the load cell wires, press on the weighing platform, meanwhile use a multimeter to measure the voltage between SIG+ and SIG- to see if the voltage is within a reasonable range (check the corresponding parameters of the load cell)

If the voltage is within the range and there is a change, we can estimate the OFL caused by overload weights or signal output below zero. If it is not within the range, we consider the AD part is damaged.

In this case, please contact your local equipment suppliers for help.

Step 4,

If it is not the above 3 problems, check if the loadcell gravity label is consistent with the direction of gravity, and check if the load cell wiring is correct. Or you can replace the load cell to exclude the load cell’s problem.

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