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Triple Beam Series, OHAUS Mechanical Balance – Ricelake

  1. Notched and tiered beams for easy reading

  2. Positive poise positioning for repeatability

  3. Magnetically damped

  4. Zero adjust compensator

  5. Optional tare beam vernier dial

Easy-to-Read Mechanical Balance

The Triple Beam mechanical balance is designed to precisely measure masses up to 610 grams. Choose up to five weighing platforms for any application. The Triple Beam mechanical balance ranks high on repeatability and functionality.

Triple Beam Series, OHAUS Mechanical Specifications

Tare Range: 710-T0: 225 g 760-00: 225 gPan Design: 710-00: Stainless steel pan 710-T0: Stainless steel pan with tare 720-00: Polypropylene scoop 750-S0: Stainless steel plate 760-00: Stainless steel plate with tare 720-S0: Stainless steel scoopCalibration: Front beam: 10 × 0.1 g Middle beam: 500 × 100 g Rear beam: 100 × 10 gEst. Weight: 8 lbWarranty: Five-year limitedReturn Policy: OHAUS standard policy – restock fee may apply

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