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Updated EU industrial strategy welcomed by CECIP


CECIP welcomes the updated EU industrial strategy that was published today. As a member of the Industry4Europe coalition CECIP always supported the initiative for an EU Industrial Strategy since it believes a strong European economy needs a strong European industry. This requires a dedicated strategy that works on improving the competitiveness of the European industry and provides support in the green and digital transformation. The European weighing industry is a essential supplier of the tools that help businesses in the identified ecosystems to digitalise and become more sustainable. Hence, it is essential that the legislative framework for weighing instruments enable the industry to provide these instruments to become more efficient, digital and sustainable..

For the European weighing industry strengthening of the EU Single Market for services is one of the key priorities to improve its competitiveness. CECIP is glad to read that the European Commission will investigate the possibility to regulate business services supported by harmonised standards. The reverification of weighing instrument services is an excellent example where EU harmonisation can benefit users and industry and in particular SMEs. Therefore, CECIP calls on the European Commission to investigate the possibility of a new legislative proposal in this area while doing the assessment.

Furthermore, strong market surveillance is vital to reduce unfair competition and improve consumer protection. The intention to make enhanced market surveillance a priority issue is fully supported by CECIP. The weighing industry remains open for any cooperation in this field.

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