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Usage precautions to increase the durability of the scales

Bridge scales are designed to weigh heavy vehicles with excellent accuracy. They are usually made up of several modules and adapted to the environment where they are going to be assembled, which can be made of metal, concrete or mixed.

The maximum capacity is usually 80 tons, so all material, from the structure to the cells, must be highly resistant and guarantee accurate weighing over a long period of time.

However, the durability of the bridge scales also depends on the care of use.

1 . Avoid keeping vehicles on tippers for a long time

Vehicles must remain on the platform only during weighing so as not to overload the structure or the electronic material. Prevent the trucks from remaining on the scale after or before weighing.

two. Do not make sudden manoeuvres to access or leave the weighbridge

Forced, sudden and violent manoeuvres can damage the scale structure, in addition to putting workers’ safety at risk.

3. Check that the weight indicator is zero

Before starting weighing, check that the weight indicator is zero and is stable so that the indicated weight is accurate.

4. Do not exceed the maximum capacity of the scale

Although the BARBAL® scales are built with quality and highly resistant material, they are prepared for optimal use as long as their maximum capacity is respected. Exceeding this capacity can damage the tipper and change the weighing results.

5. Remove debris and water from the bridge tipper

Sand, earth, water and other accumulated residues can compromise the correct functioning of the weighing platform and make it difficult for vehicles to access it. For this reason, you should clean the tipper regularly.

With these tips, you can prolong the correct operation of your bridge tipper and avoid unnecessary expenses on repairs and replacements. Whenever you have doubts do not hesitate to contact your supplier.

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