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Various Applications of General Measure Checkweigher in Different Industries

General Measure ChexGo series checkweigher has a wide weight range from 1g to 60kg by different models. With the stainless steel housing, it can work well in the harsh industrial environment and high hygienic standard environment.

Tobacco Pack Case

CW-600G was installed in the production line for the tobacco pack weight check. Ensuring the standard weight of 50g each pack, CW-600G will reject the underweight or overweight packs(±5g).

Flour Package Case

CW-600G and CW-1.2K were applied in this case. The stainless steel and FDA-approved belt reach FDA hygienic standards for the food industry.

Condom Pack Case

Each pack has 5 condoms each of which weighs 7g, in total around 46g. Checkweigher with the swing arm rejector will reject the pack when it is under 45g or over 47g to make sure each pack has the right number of products.

Assuring 100% of product weighing detection under the law and regulation will reduce the customer complaints and protect enterprise fame. Whilst replacing the manpower to lower the cost, ChexGo can help you increase the efficiency of the production line and avoid risks.

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