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Vehicle Load Cell Receiver Care Essential Maintenance

Vehicle scales require maintenance to insure performance over time. Load cell mounting hardware can take a pounding transferring the heavy loads. Despite their small size, they are crucial to the weighing performance of a vehicle scale. When these parts wear down they can effect the accuracy of the scale and lead to lost revenue. 

One of the best ways to extend the life of your scale is to inspect the load cell receivers regularly and replace any that are worn or damaged, make adjustments and lubricate as needed. It’s a simple maintenance job that pays off by preventing costly damage to load cells, cables, and other scale components.

Vehicle Load Cell Receiver Care Essential Maintenance

Benefits of Load Cell Receiver Care

Critical Components

Load cell receivers are critical to the weighing accuracy and life span of any vehicle scale. Regular maintenance can prevent costly weighing errors and premature failure.

Save Time and Money

Worn load cell receivers can cause damage to other scale components, such as load cells and cables. Replacing worn receivers saves money by preventing costly repairs and downtime.

Factory Certified

Our factory-trained technicians are uniquely qualified to determine the condition of load cell receivers. If replacement is required, we use factory original parts and replacement procedures.

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