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Weighbridge Automation & Software

Weighbridge Automation Systems

We specialise in the design and installation of comprehensive weighbridge automation systems, created to control and manage vehicle movement, whilst collecting accurate weight data for goods and materials entering or leaving sites.

At Weightron, we have unrivalled experience in this field and our automation systems allow sites to operate more efficiently and safely by controlling both weighed and non-weighted vehicle movement. The systems have a proven track record in reducing labour costs and increasing operational hours on site. They incorporate tried and tested control equipment, including driver-operated weight terminals, card readers, traffic barriers, traffic lights, ANPR cameras and radiation detection systems.

Weighbridge Automation Software

At the heart of our weighbridge systems is our versatile automation software. This has been developed in-house and provides the ability to seamlessly integrate all the elements of the Weightron weighbridge system and control equipment with our clients’ chosen management software. This ability to provide a single source supply results in a cohesive and future-proof solution, without the need for third-party software input.

The flexibility in the design of the software makes it suitable for a wide range of installations, ranging from single standalone weighbridge systems to multi-national multi-site operations.

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