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Weighing News – Industry Basics : (2)Site Selection Criteria for Electronic Road Weighbridges

A weighbridge is a major capital investment. While it is vital to get a site survey and specify each weighbridge according to environment and use, there are common features across all weighbridges that it pays to understand. So, here are some site selection criteria for electronic road weighbridges which are described below;

  1. Site should be free

The site selected should be free from any overhead electric cables as well as free from any unground drainages, cable trenches etc too

  1. Site should be safe

The site should not be a water logging area or floodable area, preferably a few inches above road level.

  1. Avoid unnecessary vehicles on the weighbridge

The vehicles that need not be weighed should not run on the weigh bridge platform

  1. Trouble-free functioning of the weighbridge

Minimum one platform length on either side is a must for free flow of traffic as well as for proper trouble-free functioning of the weighbridge since the approach and exit should be straight too. For example, for weighbridge of platform size 18m length there should be 54m straight road available at all times for best results and a longer life of the system.

  1. Specification for the Weigh Cabin

The weigh cabin should ideally be built between 2-5m from the center line of the platform as the weigh cabin size minimum requirement is 3x3x3m.If this not possible, please discuss before placement of any order.

  1. Availability of power

The availability of power as required by the system, with proper grounding should be ensured.

  1. Independent earthing required

There should be two independent earthing with an electrical resistance of less than 0.15ohms

  1. Pit Mounted Installation requirements

The platform level should be above the surrounding area for pit mounted installations and proper drainage arrangements should be made to avoid water logging.

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