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Weighing News – Industry Basics : (5) All about grounding and earthing in Weighbridges

What is earthing and what is grounding in electric circuits?

  1. Earthing- Earthing under an electrical power system is an accidental or intentional connection of some equipment to the ground.

  2. Grounding- It is a backup path that provides an alternative way for the current to return to the ground in the event of a fault in the wiring system. It facilitates a physical connection between the ground and electrical appliances and devices in your homes and industries.

Why is it important for electronic components?

  1. Protects Against Electrical Overloads:

We often experience power outages or you may be exposed to lightning during the rainy season. Such events can generate dangerously high electricity. Which can damage the appliances in our industrial appliances. If we use the grounding system properly at such times, the excess electricity goes directly to the ground without causing any damage to the device and our device remains safe.

  1. Stabilizes the Voltage Levels:

When you properly ground the electrical system in the industry, it makes it easy for you to distribute the right amount of power in the right places. This ensures that the circuit does not overload at any time and as a result, it blows. Earthing can be considered as a common reference point for a voltage source in any electrical system. This helps to provide a stable voltage level throughout the electric system.

·        Earth Conducts with Least Resistance:

The importance and the main reason why we should ground an electrical appliance is that the earth is a great conductor that carries any kind of surplus electricity with minimal resistance. When you ground the electrical system and connect it to the earth, it means that you are given extra electricity to go somewhere without resistance instead of passing through your devices.

·        Prevents Serious Damage and Death:

When you don’t ground the electrical system, you risk your device and your life. When high electricity passes through any device. Then it will burn out or it will be damaged beyond repair. Excessive amounts of electricity can also catch fire which can also damage your property and the life of a loved one.

What all electronic components are generally used in a weighbridge?

  1. Robust Load Cell Digitizers

  2. Highly durable Girders and Plates

  3. Mounting Assembly for Load Cells

  4. Low Resistance Cables and Weather Proof Junction Box

  5. Truck Position Sensor ( TPS )

  6. Easy to use Weighbridge Software

  7. Weighbridge Configurations

Why is earthing necessary for their protection?

  1. It keeps people safe by preventing electric shocks

  2. It prevents damage to electrical appliances and devices by preventing excessive current from running through the circuit

  3. It prevents the risk of fire that could otherwise be caused by current leakage

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