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What is a Weighbridge?

Weighbridges are used all over the world. Both small and large companies, as well as transport companies, weigh trucks that transport all types of cargo, from food products to metals, as well as durable consumer goods or solid waste.

Most commonly a weighbridge is used to determine the weight of goods bought and sold in quantities expressed in full loads. In that case, the information provided by the weighbridge is an essential element of the commercial transaction. The truck scale works, ultimately, like a cash register.

The inspecting entities also use weighbridges to check whether the truck is carrying its load in accordance with the weight limits pre-established in the legislation for road vehicles. They are also used to inspect the volumes received and shipped from the facilities, such as waste treatment or solid waste recycling centers, construction sites, among others.

Most truck scales are installed outdoors. This means that they must be able to withstand all environmental challenges while ensuring reliable and accurate operation. Depending on the environment and the type of installation, most scale owners expect their equipment to last 10 to 20 years.

Weighbridges are important for the daily operations of most places where they are used. As, in addition, their duration is relatively long, the choice of an equipment is an important decision, which can work as an advantage (or disadvantage) for its owner for decades.

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