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What is CECIP and how to become a member?

CECIP is the European association for national trade organizations representing the European manufacturers of weighing instruments.

Founded in 1958, CECIP has today 14 members. These include 12 national member associations from Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, and United Kingdom and two company members from Portugal and Sweden.

The weighing industry has gone through tremendous changes in the past decades with new technologies and techniques being introduced in all sectors. Nowadays weighing instruments play an important role in every industry, contributing to the quality of the final product.

Today, CECIP is playing its role within Europe, striving for common and harmonized standards to be adopted at European and International levels. These standards and legislation should provide safety and quality to both consumers and users of weighing instruments. CECIP aims to provide valuable contributions to improve the quality of legislation and standards.

CECIP’s mission includes:

  1. Promoting a high-quality standard in the manufacture of weighing instruments;

  2. Co-operating with the metrological services in the establishment and amendment of the regulatory environment;

  3. Reducing the technical and administrative regulations relevant to weighing instruments to those requirements which are necessary not to harm users;

  4. Ensuring harmonization of national regulations and the use of established international standards, in order to eliminate barriers to cross-border trade of weighing instruments;

  5. Ensuring that national and international requirements do not prevent the development of new weighing technologies;

  6. Liaising with national and international organizations and with end-users concerning all aspects of legal metrology including consistent interpretation of requirements;

  7. Promoting a good understanding of modern weighing technology, especially in developing countries;

  8. Ensuring fair trade practices by all weighing instrument manufacturers worldwide.

CECIP membership is open to companies and associations from all European countries. If you´re interested in becoming a CECIP member, please contact the link given below for more information.

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