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What Is Government Stamping And Why Is It So Important?

Before we even address the topic of Government Stamping, we need to understand how important the weighing scale is, to maintain HONESTY in the system.

Say if you go to a local Kirana store and ask for One Kg of Dal. The shopkeeper needs to be sure that he is giving you at most 1 kg of dal if not less. On the other hand, you have to be sure that you are receiving 1 kg of Dal and not less. Now how will you tell that the dal is 1 kg exactly so that its not a loss for either of the parties. It is through a Weighing Scale (preferably a HSCo Branded one ;)). So the weighing scale actually makes sure that the shopkeeper remains Honest, and the customer is given what she has paid for.

Now let’s assume that the weighing scale is not accurate. In this case, it would either show the weight more than the actual weight (in which case the shopkeeper is benefiting) or shows less weight (in which case the customer is benefitting). Hence there is DISHONESTY in the system because the other person is not getting the full value of the transaction.

Here is where the Government comes in place – The Legal Metrology Department to be more specific. What the Government does is, it checks the weighing scale and if it is proper it would seal the scale. So if the scale has a Government seal, you can be sure that the scale is not tampered with. Moreover, the government also issues a certificate of authenticity with the details of the scale and the Legal Metrology Inspector who has verified the scale and in whose presence the scale has been stamped.

So let’s say a manufacturer like Hindustan Scale Company (HSCo) had made a weighing scale and it has passed all its rigorous internal testing. After the scale is checked by the QC team, a government challan is filled paying the requisite fees for the Government Stamping of the scale. A local inspector is assigned the task of verifying the weighing scale’s genuineness. The inspector would come to the factory, check the weighing scales and if the performance of the weighing scale is found to be satisfactory, it would issue a certificate in the name of HSCo saying that the scale is now fit to be used by the public and also put his seal on the weighing scale so it cannot be tampered with. This is true for an Electronic and Mechanical scale. So if the scale is certified by the Legal Metrology Department, then you can be sure that the scale is showing you the correct weight.

Now when Hindustan Scale Co – HSCo is selling and electronic scale to the local Kirana owner, three things would be given. The scale Itself, the Invoice and the ORIGINAL GOVERNMENT CERTIFICATE. The Government also mandates all shopkeepers to display the certificate wherever the scale is being used.

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