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Which Test Weight is the best suited for your requirement?

Three types of Test Weights as follows

  1. Stainless Steel Weight or SS Weight

  2. Brass Weight

  3. Cast Iron Weight or CI Test Weight

Now depending upon the application & the requirement. Let’s discuss all of them in detail.

Stainless Steel Test Weight

Stainless Steel Weight or SS Weight is used to calibrate an extremely precise Weighing Scale. Something like an EMFC balance or a jewelry balance. Hence the Stainless Steel Weights or SS Weights are used for Class I and Class II scales. They are extremely popular in the pharma and bullion industry.

Brass Test Weight

Brass Weight is extremely precise and accurate and also used for Class I and Class II scales as Weights. One additional property of Brass is that it is inert, which makes it ideally suited for an Alkaline and acidic environment which is the manufacture of chemicals and pharma compounds. Hence these are to be used.

Cast Iron Test Weight

CI Weights are usually used for heavy-duty weighing scales which are of big capacity. Weigh Bridge will use Cast Iron Weight or CI Weight. Batching plants used in the construction site to weigh cement going into the ready mix plants will use Cast Iron Weights. CI Weight is also used by the manufacturer with his platform scale and Table Top Scales. The thumb rule is that all scales that are Class III and Class IIII will use the Cast Iron Weights or CI Weights to calibrate the machines. Here the maximum capacity rather than the accuracy is of more concern.

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