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3D Level Scanner employs and array of 3 antennas to transmit low frequency pulses and to receive echoes of pulses from the contents of the silo, bin or other container. Using 3 antennas the unit measures not only the time / distance of each echo but also its direction with beam angle of 30-70 degree. The device’s digital signal processor samples and analysis they receive signals to provide very accurate measurements of the maximum level, minimum level, average level volume and mass of the stored contents and also generates a realtime 3D representation/ profile of the contents within the container Hoppers for display on remote computer screen. The above technology due to its acoustic nature and having specially designed material and principle of resonance has a Self Cleaning Ability.

Solids/ Powders pose 3 unique challenges forLevel Measurement

  1. Uneven profile due to angle of repose

  2. Heavy Dust

  3. Maintenance

Conventional technologies like the Radar, Ultrasonic and Lasers have a problem while working in dust and Radars even after giving air connection sometimes do pose a maintenance challenge. Further, the Radar, Ultrasonic and Laser are only single point beam technologies and hence do not solve the problem of uneven profile.

The 3D LEVEL SCANNER working on the Low Frequency Acoustics have three major advantages

  1. Beam Angle of 70 Degree to cover the entire Silo Surface Area to show the Level, Volume, and 3D Profile of material inside the Silo

  2. The 3D Level Scanner works well with the Dusty environment (Based on Law of Diffraction with the low frequency and higher wavelength the 3D Level Scanner penetrates dust effectively.

  3. The 3D Level Scanner has a Self-Cleaning ability and does not require any air for cleaning.

The above innovative 3D Technology already in service world-wide including in India for various Coal Based Power plants, Cement Plants, Steel Plants, food industries and other process industries and utilities

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