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AIWIF launches app to standardize the Indian Weighing Industry

All India Weighing Industry Forum

The All India Weighing Industry Forum is an autonomous platform that has launched a unique and dynamic app on Google Play for the Weighing industry of India. The Indian weighing industry remains unorganized and unrepresented to date. This app has been launched to enable, organise and represent industry, keeping in mind the solutions that its stakeholders need today.

This Android app provides :

1) Identification of authorized players in the industry:

A few features and information fields in the application will only allow Authorized and License Holding members to register. It will prevent fake and non-licensed personnel from joining this forum.

2) Election and Survey facilities:

This application also provides election and survey facilities for its registered users. Using such an online system will make voting on various issues easier. It also eases out the process of representation and review for a time when the industry needs representation on a National level.

3) Star Rating System for Public Weighbridges :

This app will identify genuine and faulty weighbridges and rate them accordingly. Users will enjoy the benefit of checking the ratings, accuracy and reliability of each weighbridge before choosing where to send their vehicles.

4) A strong Weighing Community

Everyone who is a part of the Indian Weighbridge Industry, including the Public Weighbridge Operators, Repairers, Engineers, Manufacturers of small and medium scale Weighbridges, Market Committees, Industrial Area Associations, Transport Companies and Retired Officers of Legal Metrology are being cordially invited to be a part of this forum.

With the help of this forum, each of its members can share their views, problems, suggestions and solutions with everyone in the industry. It will not only make our Weighing Industry more professional but will also keep them connected.

5) Direct talks with Government Bodies :

When every player and stakeholder unites under one forum, they have the privilege to convey their opinions, problems, solutions and suggestions to the government authorities. They get a true and honest representation, as it should be in a democracy.

For such activities, various committees will be formed, the Presidents and other Chief Officers of different organizations and associations will be heads of these committees who will then represent their micro industries and areas.

6) E-Commerce :

Very soon, authorized Manufacturers, dealers and service providers will be able to present their products and services directly to all the stakeholders in the industry through the application.

You can join the All India Weighing Industry Forum using the link on the Weighing Community Application.

Download the app

Helpline Whatsapp number: +91-7300038000

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