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The following are a few examples of Sterling Systems & Controls bakery mixer control applications:

  1. Multiple food ingredient bins/totes

  2. Food grade stainless steel table(s)

  3. Moving weigh table w/scale and touchscreen display

  4. PC control with weight instrument

  5. From sequencing and verification of operator interface steps at the mixer, to the automated ingredient tracking from receiving of raw materials, to the finished batches of dough, these examples highlight the different levels of process controls available, and specifically bakery mixer control, with Sterling Systems bakery batch controller solutions.

Sterling Systems provides designs and equipment using Allen-Bradley PLC’s and industrial PC’s running Sterling Systems customized Windows-based automation software.  Sterling Systems 45 plus years of automation experience ensures quality and efficiency in both hardware and software.


Sterling Systems standard bakery batching controller can automate the mixer speed (fast and slow) through the recipe sequence instructions. The scale & mixer inlet gate is also controlled by the system. Sequencing can be adjustable or fixed. The batching controller will also monitor mixer bowl positions.  This monitoring of positions allows the controller to verify that an operator has actually lowered the bowl to accomplish certain tasks as they are prompted through the batching sequence.

Such tasks as hand-add, bowl scraping, etc. will require that the mixer bowl has been raised or lowered to the required position and these steps verified as part of the formula specification. The batch recipe and summary will ensure that each batch is efficiently and repeatedly produced to the formula specification.  Please contact us at 815-625-0852 or for more information or a proposal.


  1. Custom designed SSCI.NET software batching application specifically for Bakery Mixing, to meet your exact requirements.

  2. Integrated mixing control options with weighing and batching for dry and liquid ingredients.

  3. Comply with Food Safety requirements.

  4. Increased throughput & batch consistency.

  5. Compare Live Mix trends to saved Perfect Batch trends to compensate before dough is discharged.

  6. Easily scale recipe size based on flour draw.

  7. Can correct/repair batch consistency “on the fly”.


  1. Automatic and/or Semi-Automatic ingredient batching.

  2. Lot Tracking and Batch Validation.

  3. Control mixing of dry, liquid and hand-add ingredients.

  4. Programmable recipes.

  5. Ingredient tolerance control (+/-).

  6. Mixer bowl temperature monitoring.

  7. Mixer load control tolerance/history.

  8. Raw ingredient inventory and usage.

  9. Finished product batch/history.

  10. Virtually unlimited number of recipes and ingredients.

  11. Wide range of applications for type of mixer, size and configuration strategies.

  12. ERP system integration capable.

  13. Remote supervisory control available.

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