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BEARPAD LOW PROFILE LOAD CELL – Oscar Zavaleta Weighing Industry

LOW PROFILE LOAD CELL When Reduced Height Matters

Conventional load cells and mounts may not fit tight space installations. A height constraint or available space may force to look for alternatives. A few challenging installations demand both of them.


A weigh module may have the proper height for the weighing application. Some of them require extra head room to install/remove the load cell. It becomes a problem for installations with no height tolerance.


Low base plate can be removed in some mount assemblies. The foundation has to be strong and suitable for the installation.


Some weigh modules offer lower height only at low capacity range. Other mount assemblies deliver smaller height at the high capacity range only. A few offer same height for all capacities as the one pictured in the post.


Low capacity can reach 70 mm with base plate removed. Mid capacity may raise to ≈ 75 mm overall height. Height capacity requires 110 mm of height and 85 mm without base plate.

Note Bear Pad (Post Picture) was a Muse Measurement Load cell.

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