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Benefits of Automated Truck Scale Kiosks

Automated kiosks improve traffic flow and safety in truck scale applications.

Automated kiosks can be useful in places like landfills, transfer stations, feed mills, building sites, load-out facilities, and more. Drivers may use kiosks to check in, weigh in and out, and print tickets without having to leave their truck, which improves driver safety throughout the process. Automating everything from point-of-sale to account administration nearly eliminates transaction errors.

Automated kiosks allow facilities to extend their operation hours with unattended car weighing, in addition to increased process efficiency and driver safety. Drivers spend less time at the facility with faster transactions, resulting in better throughput.

Boost Efficiency in the Entire Process


Weigh-in kiosks work similarly to check-in kiosks, with the exception that weigh-in kiosks are linked to truck scales to capture and update the vehicle’s tare weight.

Ticket Printing

Ticket printing kiosks can recognise trucks and print tickets after they have been loaded and weighed at the silo load-out system.


Trucks can enter a scale to verify load and check out of the facility after they have been loaded.


Trucks can be identified via automated kiosks, allowing drivers to check in swiftly. Unmanned kiosks can also be used by drivers to verify load data such as customer, job identification, destination, goods, and even load number.

Lane Verification

Kiosks, when used in conjunction with silo load-out and truck scale systems, can assist in ensuring that trucks are in the correct lane for receiving the correct material during automated loading.

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