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Benefits of using stainless-steel industrial scales

The use of stainless-steel on industrial platforms is very advantageous, especially in the agri-food and chemical industry or in environments that require constant cleaning and hygiene.

This material can be cleansed in a regular basis and supports cleaning performed under running water or under pressure, thus offering greater durability than other products.

Stainless-steel also resists to high or low temperatures, which allows industrial platforms to adapt to different environments in different industrial sectors.

Industrial scales built with stainless-steel are molded and adjusted to each situation, since they can be welded.

Many of the BARBAL® industrial platform models are made of AISI 304 stainless-steel adapted to the most corrosive environments. For even more demanding industries, we have the same models in AISI 316L stainless-steel.

Another advantage of stainless-steel is its resistance to bacteria. Besides, it does not react with other materials, since it is an inert material.

This metal does not transmit flavors or odors, being ideal for agri-food industry.

BARBAL® stainless-steel platforms do not need much care, as they maintain their characteristics over a long time.

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