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BM5 ARM Double Body


BM5 ARM is a top-of-the-line scale, with new characteristics and features and a bold image. Unbeatable in hardware, insuperable in software and incomparable in design, BM5 ARM is the best scale for a winning business.

Some of the innovations presented by BM5 ARM:

  1. Scanner (optional)

  2. Sliding Printing Mechanism

  3. Digital Level Bubble

  4. Motherboard Marques with Dual Core processor

  5. Plate with Backrest

  6. BM5 ARM is available in Double Body and Suspension versions.


  1. 15 TFT touch screen Projected Capacitive technology.

  2. 2nd Monitor 10.1.

  3. Motherboard Marques i.MX6 2x1GHz (Dual CortexTM-A9 MPCoreTM).

  4. Digital Level Bubble.

  5. 3 USB ports.

  6. 1 RS232 port

  7. 1 ethernet port (10/100Mbps).

  8. Flash Disk 8GB eMMC.

  9. Memory Ram 1GB DDR3-1333.

  10. Sliding Printing Mechanism.

  11. Possibility of using 3 types of paper in the resident printer: continuous paper, self-adhesive paper and labels.

  12. Connection to cash drawer.

  13. Intuitive and user-friendly graphic interface.

  14. Body in stainless steel construction.

  15. Plate dimensions: 375x275mm.

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