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Checkweigher Controller

LCIC-WIM as a universal in-motion Checkweigher controller

Fits high-speed Checkweigher systems provides excellent accuracy

The LCIC-WIM with the embedded Checkweigher application was designed to function as a universal High-speed and In-Motion Checkweigher controller.

It will work as a stand-alone controller or it can be connected to a PC running our Checkweigher Monitoring program. That will provide the user with much more detail like: statistics, histogram, history etc.

The controller can be easily used for a new Checkweigher or to retrofit old systems that are mechanically serviceable. Or when the customer is seeking for better performances and accuracy.

Main features:

  1. High-speed: Checkweigher can handle even 10 parts per second.

  2. Onboard programmable rejection output.

  3. Easy to program and enter setpoints from any notebook.

  4. Keeps in memory 3 different products for easy change.

  5. Shows results on board’s display, allow using it without a PC.

  6. USB / RS232 communication port.

  7. User-friendly PC monitoring application.

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