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DD700 Weight Indicator – Weightron

The DD700 is our entry-level weighbridge indicator, suitable for a range of weighbridge applications.

It comes with a number of features typically only available on more expensive instruments.

  1. Weights and measures approved

  2. Can be used with both our CPD digital and CPR analogue load cells

  3. Wall and desk mount versions in ABS (DD700) and stainless steel (DD700i)

  4. Easy to use alphanumeric keypad

  5. Standard “Double Weighing” software allows you to perform a Netload calculation, using pre-programmed ‘Product, Client and Vehicle Registration’ data

  6. Client and Host USB ports

  7. Optional printers and barcode readers

  8. Ideal for upgrading most types and makes of existing weighbridges

In driver-operated weighbridge applications, the DD700 (linked to our external 2060 Driver Terminals) is typically installed in the gatehouse and/or control room to provide local weight information for operators.

Download the Data Sheet here

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