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DLM introduces wireless technology

Load monitoring equipment specialist Dynamic Load Monitoring has added wireless USB technology to its software.

DLM introduces wireless technology

The new TD-3.0 software is Microsoft Windows based and can be used to generate certificates, log data or show live readings and connects wirelessly to load measuring tools.

It allows users to connect to four running line monitors to show tension, speed, distance values being measured by each device and will send data to a computer and display live readings or log information without the need of a handheld device.

Ryan Phillips, technical manager said: “The TD-3.0 is designed to receive data from our load cells over a wireless connection. Clients can use it to replace a handheld display or in conjunction with a handheld. The dongle essentially plugs into a PC, and gets the data from the wireless load cells, combining with our software for display and data-logging. You would place a load cell somewhere in your application, for example carrying out a proof test, then connect the load cell to the PC software wirelessly, using the dongle.”

“Some clients wanted to feed the output from our load cells directly into their computer. The dongle allows us to get the load, speed and distance readings for various types of equipment displayed on the PC without using a handheld device, just using the PC as the main receiver. It takes away the need to have a handheld connected via a USB cable. You can still use a handheld if desired, it just makes it easier getting it into the PC.”

Based in Southampton, UK, DLM specialises in designing, manufacturing and servicing load measurement equipment for industries such as offshore, marine and lifting and rigging industry.

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