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DWR 3000 H1 Checkweigher

Automatic rotational scales is designed for operation in technological lines of cylindrical packaged goods, like aerosols, sprays, glass and plastic bottles, etc.

The control unit is based on Windows Embedded software and SQL database server. An industrial computer is designed to operate in hard industrial conditions. Its cooperation with a specially prepared Windows platform makes the system stable and allows for holding set parameters. Graphic and touch screen communication panel make operation very easy and intuitive which has already been appreciated by users. The rotational device is not equipped with its own conveyor belt, it is mounted over an existing one, which significantly shortens and simplifies its installation. The scale is pneumatically powered. This provides high durability and reliability. Application: Rotational  scales

is intended to control cylindrically shaped single packages, like aerosol, with a diameter 35- 66mm*. The system operates in accordance with the regulation on Control of Prepacked Goods. Main application: ·         Chemical industry, ·         Pharmaceutical industry, ·         Distilling industry, ·         Food processing industry. * it is possible to weigh containers with another diameter Functions  Rotational scales provide 100 % control of goods transported on the processing line. Goods that do not meet set thresholds are discriminated from the line.

  1. Control of goods in accordance with regulation on Control of Packaged Goods,

  2. Acquiring data on controlled goods,

  3. Definable access levels for



  1. Discrimination of defective goods by weight,

  2. Extended statistics conducted in real-time,

  3. Built-in line performance meter,

  4. Reports generated automatically in accordance with the



  1. Export of reports to PDF files,

  2. Cooperation with other devices in a processing line,

  3. Remote start and stop function,

  4. Detection of line congestion,

  5. Detection of empty line,

  6. Cooperation with computer software.

Basic technical data

  1. Industrial Windows Embedded system,

  2. Industrial computer designed for operation in hard conditions,

  3. Graphic touch screen,

  4. Databases applying SQL servers,

  5. Interfaces and ports: RS232, USB and Profibus,

  6. Ethernet,

  7. Controlling – informative outputs control,

  8. IP55 or IP65

Cooperation with peripheral devices  A rotational scale is prepared to cooperate with peripheral devices, and devices form a processing line. I/O set provides broad configuration possibilities and full integration of the scale with an existing processing line.

  1. Cooperation with dosing device with feedback,

  2. Cooperation with a barcode scanner,

  3. Printouts on receipt printers,

  4. Remote control,

  5. Keeping records from


on a computer.

Implementation options:

  1. Separate discriminating set for “too light” and “too heavy” goods,

  2. Sounder and/or Warning tower lights,

  3. Cooperation with printers and label printers,

  4. Two USB ports,

  5. Profibus and Modbus interface support,

  6. Weighing record application.

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