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e-Guide: Understanding the Principles of Hygienic Design

Hygienic design is one of the most important aspects of good product inspection equipment, particularly when that equipment is designed for the food production industry. It is important to understand the fundamental philosophies and requirements that go into this design in order to know what questions to ask, and what to look for, when choosing a system for use in a hygienic environment.

This guide covers the various factors that go into the hygienic design of METTLER TOLEDO product inspection equipment, including:

  1. IP rating

  2. NEMA rating

  3. Material used in construction

  4. Accessibility

  5. System geometry

Choosing an equipment provider is an important decision, and choosing an equipment provider who knows the principles of hygienic design is always the right call. Learn more about hygienic design principles in this guide.

To download the e-guide, click on the link below: understanding the Principles of Hygienic Design

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