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Flintec SB4 Stainless Steel, Single-Ended Beam Load Cell – Ricelake

These stainless steel, single-ended beams are specially crafted for multi-cell applications like floor scales and hoppers, exclusively for use in Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ Paramounts® HS mounting systems. They offer mV/V/ohm calibration for simple and precise calibration, ensuring matched outputs. The design incorporates true hermetic sealing for both the strain gauge area and cable entry, ensuring protection against external elements. Additionally, they come with a field-replaceable load cell cable for easier cable and load cell repairs. They are available in both NTEP Certified and Non-NTEP Certified ranges, spanning from 5 kN to 100 kN.

SB4 Load Cell Specifications

Full Scale Output: 2.0 mV/V mV/V/ohm calibrationOutput Resistance: 1,000 (± 2) ohm

Input Resistance: 1,100 (± 50) ohm

Material/Finish: Stainless steel

Temperature: Compensated range 14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C) Operating range 0 °F to 150 °F (-18 °C to 65 °C)

Seal Type: Hermetically sealed, IP69KSafe Overload: 200% full scaleSafe Sideload: 100% full scale

Rated Excitation: 5 to 10 VDC (15 V maximum)

Combined Error: ± 0.03% full scale

Insulation Resistance: 10,000 megohm

Deflection at Capacity: 10 kN: 0.012 in 23 kN: 0.02 in 50 kN: 0.012 in 100 kN: 0.016 inCable Length: 5 to 23 kN: 10 ft 50 to 100 kN: 15 ft Also available in 30 ft.Cable Diameter: 0.196 in Polyurethane jacket

Cable Color Code: Green +Excitation Black –Excitation White +Signal Red –Signal Yellow Shield

Warranty: One-year limited

Approvals: FM NTEP OIML

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