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GAS STRAIN GAUGE – Oscar Zavaleta Weighing Industry

Pneumatic Extensometer

Some of the resistive strain gauge limitations Temperature, load, resistance drift, gauge factor over long periods of time compromise measurement. The signal could be characterized to mitigate these effects. However, future extrapolation brings uncertainty because the gauge is subject to the same strain and temperature as the structure under measurement.

An isolated measurement device could help overcome these shortcomings. A gas strain gauge, based on the pneumatic principle can be such a device. It can be implemented for actual structural applications and is not limited to the lab.

There is no electrical interference for a non-electric gas gauge. However, the instrumentation taking the readings is electric. Non-suitable for high-speed applications, due to its time lag and slow response.

This pneumatic extensometer (gas gauge) measures the distance between two points by means of a valve. Such a valve can be gradually be opened or closed to achieve the desired results.

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