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Gravimetric Dosing for Explosive Environments

How does it work?

Most gravimetric dosing systems use loss-in-weight technology, which means that a hopper is mounted onto load cells which measure material consumption during dosing. When dosing very small amounts of material (e.g. 400 mg) at high accuracy (e.g. 1%), loss-in-weight technology is not reliable enough. This is often the case when small fluctuations in weight can have a great impact on the quality of the final product or when you’re dosing expensive ingredients than can easily increase overall production cost.

By individually weighing every single dosage, our systems provide you with the exact data on the dosed amount, therefore, guaranteeing you absolute control over utilised material and the quality of the end product.

Intelligent self-learning mechanism provides high accuracy throughout the dosing range, automatically adjusting the speed of the feeder when a fluctuation in material flow is detected. Checkweighing function brings you extra security as it ejects overload dosages thus avoiding production delays.

All models of our gravimetric dosing systems are suitable for laboratory and industrial use, as they can be either stand-alone or a part of PLC operated production line.


  1. Self-learning mechanism assures 0,2 – 1% accuracy throughout the dosing range

  2. Suitable for environments with a high risk of dust explosion: II 2 D / – III C T125°C (IECEx certified)

  3. Checkweighing function with the ejection of overweight dosages assures full control over the quality of end product

  4. IIOT (industrial internet of things) connected device


  1. Continuum: Capacity: 30 – 6000 g/h, for continuous dosing of powders with a particle size of 10 microns and higher.

  2. Micro: Capacity: 0,400 – 2g, for free-flowing powders.

  3. Milli: Capacity: 2 – 100g, for free-flowing powders and granulates.

  4. Duplex: Capacity: 50 – 200g, for free-flowing powders and granulates, comes with a check weighing option.

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